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We Love Our Dogs As Much As You Do

Every day is an adventure at the Dog Pack.  We never know what to expect.  From sunny days to winter winds and mud, we are there for you and your dog.  Why?  Because we know the importance of dog exercise and socialization and have seen the drastic changes first hand in some of our pups.  Whether you PackWalk once a week or every day, we are happy to engage your dog in vigorous activity and adventure. 


Our signature adventure.  Come one day a week, or come for five...  We splash, run, chase and tumble in the local woods, fields and ponds with a group of boisterous new friends. 


To get puppies ready for their PackWalks we provide puppy visits to help puppies socialise with our PackLeaders as well as wearing them out with games and exercise.

Pay it Forward

We may not provide the service you are looking for, but we know some great people who do.  From training, to grooming and boarding, we have a list of fabulous local friends. Ask us for details.

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