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PackWalk Adventures

Packwalk Adventures are our signature service.  Whether you choose a morning walk, an afternoon walk, or even both, your dog will come home exhausted, exercised, having played chase with some of their best friends through the fields, woods, and water - and yes, they may even be a bit mucky.  Adventures are what we are about.

You can expect your dog to be out of the house from 1.5-3 hours depending on where you live as we pick them up and drop them off in our new, specially equipped vans.  Each hour-long walk will be led by a PackLeader and will be accompanied by one to three assistants depending on the play styles and personality of the particular Pack.  We aim to give all dogs a chance and thus provide the strong person power to play with even the largest and most enthusiastic of dogs.  We also recognise that every dog is at a different stage of training and socialisation and they may ultimately need some extra care from one of our good friends in training or they may be better suited to individual walks before joining our Pack. 

"My dog is older - can you accommodate them?"

You would be surprised - some of our PackMates have come to join us late in life and the social aspect of what we do has rejuvenated them.  They have reclaimed that pep in their step and sometimes even LEAD the Pack.  At The Dog Pack we don't judge a dog by its age, breed, or rescue history.  Every dog deserves a chance to Adventure in the woods with their friends.

We begin each new Dog Pack relationship with a FREE welcome chat.  After our initial assessment the second step of our welcome process is a Welcome Walk with your dog and a few of our current Pack to see how they get along and respond to us and the environment. 

Welcome Walk: £21

PackWalk Adventure: £15

Second Dog From The Same Household: £12.50

Full Day PackWalk Adventure: £30

PackSit (overnight stays whilst you're away) £30

(all prices listed are exclusive of VAT)

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